Wealth Creation

nearer to goals

Do these two things if your long-term financial goal is near

There are two aspects to goal achievement, time and value. It could be that you have achieved the amount you earmarked for a particular goal, sooner than envisaged or it could be that you are close to the time you carved out for the goal.

myths wealth creation

Four popular myths about wealth creation

Knowing the reality behind these fallacies can help you achieve your various financial goals.

Commercial real estate nri

Should NRIs invest directly in commercial properties?

Commercial estate tends to be more lucrative than residential, something that is not lost on most NRIs. But is it truly a good investment?

history of market crashes

A crash course in (market) history

We truly believe that there is no better way to build wealth, because in the long term, markets bounce back. A quick look at history’s worst market crashes will show you this.

nps vs equity funds

NPS or Equity MFs – what’s a better retirement tool?

In structure NPS is similar to a mutual fund scheme; both pool assets from a number of investors and assign or allot units as investment value in a fund.

Practical Insights For Wealth Creation

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liquid funds worth your while

Are current liquid fund returns worth your while?

At the moment liquid funds are delivering an annualised return of 5.5%-6%. This is lower than the 6.5%-7% seen a year ago. However, it is in line with the downward trending interest rates in the economy. If you are feeling disappointed with these returns and think that its better to move to a higher return fund or leave money in the bank itself, first read through the points below and then decide what to do.

checking portfolio

Checking your portfolio return too often?

Ideally, you shouldn’t be concerned about portfolio returns every now and then. Of course, in times of extraordinary market movement, you will want to see what happened but, looking at your portfolio returns too often can be detrimental too.


Long term wealth creation needs bear markets

The recent recovery in market prices, might signal hope, however historical experience has taught us that bear markets can continue for much longer. What’s important is the need to take this period as an opportunity to build future wealth, rather than letting fear take over.