Getting an ESOP? Know the tax implications

While this type of compensation structure gives employees a share in the company’s future growth prospects, one has to carefully analyze its tax implications.


Taxes On Mutual Funds Withdrawal? Read more

It depends on how long you stayed invested and whether you have invested in equity mutual funds or debt mutual funds.

Got Gifts? Know how the Taxman calculates your tax liability

Sometimes a gift can create a tax incidence. Know about gifts and taxes in this article.

All you need to know about TDS and tax refunds as an NRI

Here is a low-down on TDS under various income heads for an NRI and methods to reduce it or seek refunds.

What mistakes do people make when filing their IT returns?

Many of those who have to file their returns for the first time or those doing it at the last moment can end up making some critical mistakes. Here are the most common ones and how to avoid them.

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Are the new tax slabs right for you?

The good thing is that the Government has left the decision of which method to pick for tax calculation, to you. You decide whether you want the lower tax rates or more exemptions and deductions.

When do you really need a CA to file your taxes?

There are situations where you need a CA and there are situations where you don’t. Find out what these are.

Is interest from deposits and bonds taxable?

While you choose long term bonds issued by corporate entities or the Government for your long-term regular income, do you know that the interest you receive from some of these is also taxable?