performance report card

2014 Report Card: Performance Of Scripbox Recommended Equity Mutual Fund Portfolio

The Nifty had a strong year, up 30.4% for the year and the Scripbox equity portfolio did better than the Nifty, up 39.3%. This out performance, at 8.9%, is much better than the historical average out performance of the Scripbox Portfolio(over the Nifty) of 4.2%.

performance report card

The Recommended Portfolio Of Mutual Funds For 2014

Following an excellent performance by our selected portfolio for 2013, we’ve completed our annual review and selected the list for 2014.


2013 Report Card: Performance of Scripbox recommended Mutual Fund Portfolio

The recommended portfolio did better than 22 of the Top 25 funds by size; and better than 82% of money invested in equity mutual funds.

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