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2022-23 Report Card: Performance of Scripbox Recommended Mutual Fund Portfolio

Here’s how the Scripbox recommended set of funds performed last year.

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Lower risk, predictable returns, lesser taxes. Presenting TMFs.

Learn about Target Maturity Funds & how they are a potentially powerful answer to your fixed income needs.

Staggered Investments: How we help you invest amounts beyond your bank mandate limit.

Here’s how we help you invest beyond your bank mandate limit. We also explain when this happens.

How does Scripbox evaluate investment alternatives? How does this help investors?

Learn what all goes into selecting an investment alternative here at Scripbox.

Practical Insights For Wealth Creation

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core and satellite portfolio strategy

How we construct portfolios here at Scripbox

Learn about the ideas that influence portfolio construction here at Scripbox.

financial advisors

What is Scripbox’s role as an advisor?

Learn how we view ourselves as advisors and what are our responsibilities towards our clients.

What is the recommended frequency for portfolio review according to Scripbox?

Why Scripbox recommends a portfolio review and, if needed, changing funds occasionally.