tax optimised withdrawal

All withdrawals are not equal after LTCG tax on mutual funds

We are the first mutual fund investment service with an algorithm that helps you reduce long term capital gains tax (LTCG) at the time of withdrawal.


2020-21 Report Card: Performance of Scripbox Recommended Mutual Fund Portfolio

Here’s how the Scripbox recommended set of funds performed last year.


Scripbox goes international, helping NRIs in their investing journey

Your favourite investment service, Scripbox is now in a position to address the needs of NRIs, especially in the UAE and Singapore. NRI Investors from the US and Canada can invest too.


2019-20 Report Card: Performance of Scripbox Recommended Mutual Fund Portfolio

How you measure your rate of return can make a significant difference in terms of how you assess an investment.


New: Scripbox Portfolio Scan to ensure the health of your portfolio

Our focus at Scripbox has always been how to make otherwise complicated investment decisions and actions really easy for you.

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Financial awareness – why it matters and how Scripbox Money Skills program helps.

Being financially aware is no longer a luxury. It is as essential as getting a job. However, it is only recently that financial institutions in India have taken an active stance on this and have started trying to educate the Indian investor earnestly.

Upwardly merges with Scripbox

Coming together will strengthen both platforms resulting in a superior experience for customers.  Bengaluru, 9 August 2019:  Bengaluru-based financial advisory startup, Upwardly is merging with leading online investment service, Scripbox. Similar brand philosophies, and a customer-centric approach for creating long...


2018-19 Report Card: Performance of Scripbox Recommended Equity Mutual Fund Portfolio

The year also witnessed some key changes in fund management, triggered by regulation. This has had an implication on the Scripbox portfolio construction and fund selection algorithms. The following section covers the key triggers and the resulting implication on the Scripbox algorithm.