Action Plans

childs education needs investment plan

Your child’s college education needs an investment action plan

Your child’s education calls for a detailed financial plan. Here’s how you can make one using mutual funds!

are you covered blog

Are you covered?

Do you need life insurance cover? Well, the answer depends on you. The benefits of insuring your life will be availed by your loved ones who depend on you when you are not there.

blog with grid

Do You Have A Lakh?

Here’s an action plan that will make sure you’re not left hanging if such a situation does come up.

figure out how much do you owe

Figure Out How Much Do You Owe

Do you know how much you owe to banks or other financial institutions in the form of loans? If not, here’s a simple way of finding out.

one crore

How To Save A Crore

Yes, you read that right! A crore of rupees and that too by ‘saving.’ Everyone will tell you that you can’t save a crore – you must make it by doing some sort of business. Or, as several commenters, on our twitter stream and blog believe – by wrongful means. The disbelief is not unreasonable. After all, only a mere 0.3% or one third of one percent of Indians – can lay claim to having more than 60 lakhs in total assets (and not in financial assets but a mix of real estate, gold and financial assets).

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unemployment insurance

Do You Have Unemployment Insurance?

Yes, you heard us right! It’s “unemployment insurance”, not life, health, or automobile insurance that we are familiar with. Unemployment insurance covers for your expenses if you are suddenly dismissed from your job, for no shortcoming of your own, but due to other factors. These factors could range from annual cost cutting to impact of recession in the industry.

0 to 1 lakh in 18 months

How To Save 1 Lakh In 18 Months With No Savings?

For most young men and women starting out on your first job, the common goals most finance guys talk about – retirement, children’s education etc are only a vague thought too far away to worry about. To you, I propose a simpler challenge: Save Up One Lakh Rupees.

quit job 45

How To Quit Your Job By 45 With A Full Salary

Wondering how you can realistically retire in your 40s with a monthly income that can afford you a decent life style? Read on to find out.