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financial planning new year

Financial beginnings for the New Year

Here are some of the new financial beginnings you can make this year and be one up on finances

personal finance checklist 2021

Did you make your 2022 personal financial check list?

Here is a suggested checklist that you can start any year with and as you move forward, customize as per your personal situation.

too many credit cards

How many credit cards should you ideally have?

What you should keep in mind when deciding how many credit cards is too many.

should you buy a house

Is it the right time to buy a house?

Residential housing prices have marginally fallen in the major cities ever since the pandemic hit us, while government-led sops have encouraged a further drop. Should one use this opportunity to buy a house in these times?

rent for old age

Rental income – Is it practical to rely on it for your old age?

Investing in real estate has the potential to provide regular rental income, while also giving a scope for price appreciation. However, it is not devoid of challenges.

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health insurance makes you a better investor

Does having a health insurance policy make you a better investor?

Its primary function aside, getting a health insurance policy can add a lot to your investment journey too.

indian man cc

What risks do you run by having too many credit cards?

It feels good to get a phone on your reward points or air miles or a stay, free. However, managing multiple credit cards is more than about reward points. Here is what you need to be careful about.

emergency fund

Don’t forget to top up your emergency fund

While this is a priority even before you start investing, it is not a one-time affair, you need to revisit your emergency fund, at least once a year.