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bank fd vs mf

2 Reasons Why Bank Fixed Deposits Alone Won’t Make You Rich

There is no doubt that bank fixed deposits (FDs) are considered safe in that you will most likely get your money back. But did you know that bank FDs can negatively affect your savings over the long term?

people with money

Have people made money in mutual funds over time? – here is our 24 year analysis

We have seen several folks doubt whether mutual funds have delivered returns over time. When in doubt, trust in data. So, here goes our analysis.

my 3 struggles in reaching epf awesomeness

My 3 Struggles In Reaching EPF Awesomeness

In order to setup my PF account to enable electronic withdrawals, I recently tried to seed my Aadhar number in the EPF UAN portal and went through some struggles that many of you are likely to go through, or are already going through.

your secret stash of rs 1cr or more

Your Secret Stash Of Rs 1 Crore Or More

Did you know you’re building a secret saving of over Rs. 1 Cr in something called the Employee Provident Fund (EPF)!?


Tell Me News Like A Friend (5 December – 11 December)

Looks like the long winded and painful process of withdrawing from your EPF Account is all set to become a lot more simpler.

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how do debt investments work blog

Why Debt Mutual Funds Are An Excellent Alternative to Fixed Deposits?

If you are in this position, there are two convenient options for you: Bank Fixed Deposits and Debt Funds. In this article, we compare them on different criteria and evaluate which is better for you.