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september 2020 market-commentary

Volatility returns in earnest in September as markets struggle globally

The markets are turbulent, largely because of global factors. The uncertainty over the US stimulus, combined with the consistent commentary that the markets are not in sync with the economy, and a second wave of Covid cases, meant that investors are nervous about business growth.

sebi mf news

Mutual fund companies will now allot units only after receiving money

We believe that this is not of importance to consumers because the exact date of allotment of units has very little bearing on your outcomes over the long term. If you are doing a SIP, you don’t really know what the market condition would be on any given day in the future.

sebi multi cap announcement

The recent SEBI circular on Multi Cap funds – What does it mean for you?

There has been a change in the minimum investment required in companies of various market capitalisations, in multi cap funds.

india gdp bad quarter

The recent GDP data is alarming many experts. Should this change the way you invest?

April-June Quarter GDP data indicates we may be in for a rough ride. But was this truly unexpected? More importantly, will this impact how you invest going forward?

august market commentary

Markets continue upward trend in August, but risk management is critical now

Markets have continued to rise this month as well, but ground reality dictates investors should remain cautious and have good risk management in place.

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market commentary July 2020

July market rally hints at an intact India growth story, recovery seen on track

There are some who think the markets are living in an alternate reality, but the rally in July involved multiple companies in the IT and Pharma sectors. FIIs have also made a big comeback last quarter. There’s good reason to believe the India growth story is intact.

stamp duty

Does the stamp duty on mutual fund investments affect you significantly?

If you hold your units for a year, the impact is about 0.005%, or in other words negligible.

market commentary june 2020

Challenges on multiple fronts and a Moody’s downgrade fail to subdue markets in June

Rising numbers of COVID 19 cases, Moody’s downgrade, and challenges for the MSME sector were countered by a spree of capital raising and upbeat sentiment to keep markets positive in June