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best short term debt funds to invest in 2019

2019 Report Card: Performance of Scripbox Recommended Short Term Money (Debt Mutual Funds) Portfolio

Scripbox debt index has returned 8.43% in the past year (Aug 18 – Jul 19) while the Fixed deposit rate for the said period has been around 6.25%. There was an outperformance of the Scripbox funds to the tune of...

large cap

What are large caps, mid caps, and small caps?

If you are unsure what the term “cap” has to do with mutual funds, don’t worry. Here’s a simple guide to understanding the whole thing.

adult bench facial hair

Should you never change your asset allocation?

Asset allocation however, is not set in stone. Neither should you keep changing it too often. What is the right balance? That depends on your financial objectives.


What does a delay in investing do to your retirement prospects?

We do end up getting our collective acts together later on when concerns for our child’s future or a drying up job market force us to think seriously about investing. But is there a cost to investing later on in life, rather than earlier?

equity investing

Equity investing – is it a zero sum game?

We have seen some people view stock market investing as a zero sum game – which means that if someone makes money, correspondingly someone would have lost. There is a sense of scepticism while investing in stocks, as if it is a gambling den.

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direct and regular plan

Why investing with Scripbox is better than going the direct route?

The comparison is not that simple. In a way, the difference is a fee you pay to your doctor, lawyer or CA for their professional advice. Whether you should pay that fee or not depends on the investor’s own capability and the quality of service you get. Read on to know more.

Questions first time investor blog

5 Questions First Time Investors Ask Us

We have covered many of these questions in our articles over time and decided to put them together at one place for you.

risk appetite

Why Scripbox Offers The Same Portfolio Of Funds To All, Irrespective Of “Risk Appetite”

Why does Scripbox not take my risk appetite into consideration?