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debt funds

Why does it still make sense to invest in debt funds?

The obvious tax benefits associated with debt funds may have been removed, but they still make a lot of sense. Here’s why.

course correction in fin planning

Is it OK to invest in equity now, considering the market environment?

Equity markets have been flip flopping without any real growth recently (Jan-Feb2023). Are we going to see a bear market? Is equity too risky now? Let’s dive in.

With rates rising, are bank FDs back in vogue for your financial goals?

Interest rates are rising. Does that mean FDs are now more attractive for investors? Let’s do a little digging to find the reality.

taxes on mutual funds withdrawal

An investor’s guide to investing in Target Maturity Funds – The debt fund that’s an index fund!

Understand what Target Maturity Funds are, how they work, and what role can they play in your investment portfolio.

index funds

Why should large cap equity funds form part of your core portfolio?

Learn why large cap funds should form a key part of your core portfolio. This is essential for a certain degree of stability in your wealth.

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RBL bank leadership change

Is it necessary to realign your asset allocation due to the current market conditions, or should you wait?

Should you re-align your asset allocation in this turbulent market? We try and answer this question by understanding asset allocation.

course correction in fin planning

Should equity investors be worried about high inflation? What does the past indicate?

This high inflationary period that we are seeing now is likely to impact equity growth. But what can history teach us?

protect portfolio from inflation

How to protect your portfolio and goals from runaway inflation?

Learn what Scripbox Chief Investment Officer Anup Bansal has to say on how to protect your portfolio from the high inflationary pressures being seen in India.