Investing Essentials

investing through a crash

Does it make sense to keep investing despite market crashes?

This is the story of a courageous yet practical investor who believed in the long term growth story of India and the fact that equity is a long term investment.

debt fund mistakes

Don’t make these three mistakes when picking a debt fund

From not having a purpose for your investments to going only for returns, here are the three mistakes you should avoid making when picking a debt fund

nre nro account

What is the difference between an NRE and an NRO account?

Both these accounts basically serve the same purpose of allowing NRIs to transact in India. They are to be maintained in rupee terms and can be opened as a savings, current, recurring or fixed deposit. However, they differ in their offerings.

nri investing in indian mfs

How can NRIs invest in Indian mutual fund schemes?

You can invest in the best opportunities in the country while staying outside. However, you need to follow certain procedures.

portfolio vs fund

Why a portfolio or a plan is better than merely selecting an equity fund to invest in?

If you want to invest in equity effectively, you need a portfolio of funds rather than just a single fund. But don’t overdo it. For most long term objectives a portfolio of 4-8 equity funds across sub-asset classes can suffice.

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three things not to do in long term planning

Three things not to do when linking your equity mutual funds to your long-term goals

The point of this article though is to make sure, that irrespective what you think your definition of “long-term” is, you don’t do the following when linking your goals to equity mutual funds.

credit risk management 2020

Asked your advisor about credit risk?

Here is what you need to be on the lookout for to avoid taking too much risk in your debt fund.

switching funds

Want to change funds? Start a SIP in the replacement fund first.

There are three good reasons why moving from one fund to another en masse is not a great idea.