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Scripbox Market Commentary – January 2019

Here’s our assessment of equity and debt markets in January 2019. Over long periods of time, equity market should deliver close to 12% per year return (which translates to a doubling every 6 years).


Elections and its impact on stock markets

With the general elections just a few months away, we have seen several investors being cautious over the equity markets and are either delaying their investments, or worse still pulling back on existing investments.

what should investors do

What should investors do in 2019?

Equity market returns have been higher than fixed deposits. If history were to be any indicator, this trend should continue.

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Virtues of staying invested in stock markets

2018 has been a relatively moderate-to-weak period for stock markets. Though the large cap indices, led by the Sensex is up 5.9%, the midcap and small caps were down.

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The reasons why logical people choose equity

Here’s a framework to help you understand why logic says equity in the Indian context should deliver a certain return.

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Short-Term Investing Could Chop Off One Fourth of Your NAV Gains

Equity fund investors are better off staying invested for the long-term to get the best post-tax returns

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Does Investing In Gold Make Economic Sense

I visited Kolar couple of weeks ago. Once famous for its gold mines, it is now more famous for its golf course on top of the ground. Mining for gold at Kolar was stopped about a decade ago. But coming as my visit did amidst raging debate about India’s balance of payments and the role of gold, I decided to ‘dig deeper’.

risk assessment and asset allocation

Risk Assessment And Asset Allocation

Financial planning theory recommends a methodical approach to investing