Advanced Investing

under performing

Should you hold on to an under-performing equity fund?

Before answering that, how does one identify an under-performing fund? As many times as you compare returns of 1/3/5/10 year performance of any category of equity funds, you will get as many different takers for the top spot or any...

administration banking blur

Have a nominee for your financial securities? Do you also need a will?

It’s often perceived that a nominee replaces a legal heir, however, a nomination by itself does not guarantee ownership. Given this situation, there is merit in thinking through the succession process for assets and bank accounts you own before any unexpected tragedy.

asset classes

How many mutual funds, in the same asset class, is too many?

The dilemma is not only which funds to pick for your portfolio but also to know when to stop adding.

save and invest

How to save and invest on a fluctuating income?

Being self-employed has the challenge of dealing with a fluctuating income – a fat cheque on some months and smaller amount on other occasions. Under such circumstances, how does one save and invest to achieve one’s long-term financial goals?


Do you need to add quant funds to your portfolio?

Quant funds follow rules-based investment pattern; while the setting of rules is an active process, the stock selection based on these rules is passive with no human bias.

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cash cent child

Do you need dedicated mutual funds to achieve retirement or children’s financial goals?

These funds are touted as one-stop-solution for meeting your specific financial goals. What are these funds? And is it advisable to invest in these goal-dedicated funds to achieve your financial goals?

looking to switch jobs

Should I worry if my fund manager quits?

Every year fund managers quit fund houses to join another. Does that mean that you should also exit funds and start chasing the fund manager?

shiny fund

Should you go for that Shiny new mutual fund?

If the fund is just another diversified equity fund or another short-term income plan or balanced fund, it’s unlikely that the strategy itself will be a differentiator.