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should i invest in index funds in india

Should you invest in index funds?

While Indian equity markets are moving towards efficiency, fund managers still have a role to play.

mutual fund processes

How does following an objective investment process help the fund manager, and in turn, you?

Investment process at the asset manager’s level are over and above regulatory guidelines. How do these processes help and what can be some of the risks?

gilt funds

Are Gilt Funds the safest bet after the Franklin episode?

Gilt funds invest primarily in Government securities (G-secs) issued by the RBI on behalf of the Government. Since it invests in bonds that are of highest credit quality, capital protection is more or less guaranteed.

arbitrage funds

Should you park your money in Arbitrage Funds?

They are equity-oriented funds that capitalise on price differences that exist between the cash and derivative market for a share. As the name suggest, the fund manager resorts to arbitrage strategies to make money.

focused funds

Do you need to focus on focused funds?

Focused equity funds follow a similar investment philosophy by maintaining a tight portfolio of not more than 30 stocks. Their aim is to hit the bull’s eye with the right stocks (bought with high level of conviction) and earn a higher return.

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debt funds

Why investing in good short-term debt funds can be great for your equity investments.

The answer lies in “not needing the money NOW”. Have you noticed how you tend to worry less about money when you have more than enough of it? The feeling when you receive your salary versus when you are nearing month end is quite different.

child care plans

Are Mutual Fund child care plans worth your while?

A handful of asset managers have specific mutual fund schemes targeted for your child’s higher education goal. What is different about these schemes and do they work when it comes to fulfilling this all-important financial objective? Here are some details to help you arrive at the answer.

over diversification in mutual funds

What is diversification and over-diversification of Mutual Funds?

The most common metaphor for diversification is not having all your eggs in one basket. The portfolio theory definition of it is slightly different.