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should you switch

When should you consider a PMS?

Let’s find out if you ever actually need a PMS and which scenarios dictate its inclusion in the set of financial tools at your disposal.

retirement affordability

Can the rising equity glide path reduce your post-retirement risk?

In this article, we discuss an alternative approach that may answer the question of how much to expose to equity during retirement.

A Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) is more tool than an investment instrument – here’s why

A Systematic Withdrawal Plan is an effective solution to plan your cashflows but is it actually a solution in itself? No & here’s why.

3 reasons asset allocation

Asset allocation is a risk mitigation approach rather than a return maximization one

Learn why asset allocation is all about risk mitigation and not maximising portfolio returns and why this should guide your investing

waiting for market crash

Should you shift your equity mutual fund SIPs to debt investment options in the falling stock market?

The equity market is on a roller-coaster ride due to worries over high inflation, the continuation of the Russia-Ukraine war and rising interest rates. The Sensex has fallen 14.6% as of June 24th, 2022 So, is it a good idea to shift your equity mutual fund SIPs to safe-haven fixed-income products such as debt mutual funds, bank fixed deposits etc.?

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single or separate portfolios

How do high-interest rates affect the stock market and individual stocks?

There’s been much talk about how the stock markets are being shaken and stirred thanks to the rising interest rate environment. But what’s the relationship exactly and how does it affect you as a long term investor? Let’s find the answer.

should you switch

Amidst the increasing Fed rate and tension of a global war, should Indian investors consider US equity investment?

Does it make sense for Indian equity investors to still consider US equity in the current market environment? Scripbox CWO has the answer.

single or separate portfolios

Does higher wealth demand more complex financial products in one’s portfolio?

Just because you have attained a significant amount of wealth do you now need more complex financial products, than the ones you have in your portfolio?