mindset matters

Mindset matters, in life and in wealth.

The why behind your actions, or your mindset holds the secret to not just a great life but also effective wealth creation.

musician salary in india

Young India And Money – How A Musician From Bangalore Is Fulfilling His Dreams

Meet Jonathan, a musician who is working towards fulfilling his passion by using financial foresight and prudence.

young man pondering

The 4 real but surprising ways investing changed me

Here are 4 key observations, as an investor, that I would like to share with you that show how investing can transform you.

indian real estate

Confessions of an anonymous property investor

From the voice I could make out he wasn’t happy. After thrusting a keychain with four different keys into my hands, he said “Please do the needful. I am troubled”.

lvitton blog

How I will buy a crazy expensive luxury handbag with my fresher’s salary

A Louis Vuitton bag is a dream for many, a reality for some and an extravagance for a number of rational, financially responsible individuals. Yes, we all have our perception of what an LV bag is, and more importantly, what...

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taylor swift

What you can learn from Taylor Swift about building a great career

With an active social media presence and record-breaking success, Taylor Swift is at the pinnacle of her career. All this and more, just at the age of 25! How did she do it? What are her secrets? Can we learn something from her and apply them to our own careers? Here are four things that we can learn from the musical juggernaut that is Taylor Swift.

passion with a plan richa singh

Passion with a plan – Richa Singh, Co-Founder, YourDOST – “If people can have a fitness coach then why not an emotional coach?”

Scripbox speaks to Richa Singh of YourDost to help our community learn from her start-up journey and from her experiences with money.

financial education

6 Financial Lessons I Learned As A Newbie Working for a Fintech Start-Up

This post is a reflection of my learnings; how I transformed myself from being a finance-newbie to the person who my friends look up to for financial advice.