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Are Cash Back offers really worth it?

First of all, let’s understand cash back offers. These are essentially discounts given to buyers by e-wallets, credit card companies, and banks. It is applicable over and above the usual discounts that you get. Often, though, they come with caveats.


With prices hitting a six-year high, should I invest in Gold?

First, let’s look at gold performance vis-à-vis that of equities, since 1979. In the last 40 years, Sensex has outperformed gold by a huge margin.

financial goals

Can Visualising your Financial Goals help you attain them?

Visualization technique is a technique for performance improvement. Sports legends like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have used visualization to push their performance limits. This technique can be used in all walks of life including, achieving financial goals.

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How to avoid too much debt in your 20s?

Here are just four things you need to keep in mind to ensure you don’t go overboard with your loans.

quit smoking

Quit Smoking and Drinking and save a Crore

I intuitively told him ‘Did you know that if you quit smoking and cut down on your drinking, you can become a crorepati’ It got his attention. He asked me how?

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Common budgeting mistakes that can cost a fortune

It has been seen that often people give up on budgeting when they fail to make it work for them. And some mistakes can throw budgeting off-gear. Learning about some common budgeting mistakes can reduce your odds of making them.


How can mutual funds help you finance your destination wedding?

Let’s be realistic, if you want a destination wedding, you will have to chip in rather large proportions of the wedding expenditure. A prudent option is to plan in advance.

retired parents

How to help your parents financially and still save for retirement

Now, you have an opportunity to shower back the love and support you received unconditionally. Instead of the usual ephemeral gift, perhaps offer your parents to help out financially.