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emergency funds.

Best Way to Invest in Emergency Funds

Emergency Funds are designed to help you deal with the unexpected. An emergency fund is typically around 3-6 months of living expenses.

inflation beating investments

Can invest & forget strategies give inflation beating returns?

Let’s talk about the lazy man’s approach to investment. Some people call it “invest and forget”. However, as you will see from the following statements, it isn’t smart to just “forget”.

8 bad money habits

8 Bad Money Habits and How to Break Them

How you manage money is often linked to what habits you have. If, let’s say, you tend to over-eat, chances are you over-spend on fast food. Similarly, money habits decide how well, or badly, you manage money.

multiple bank accounts

Multiple Bank Accounts: Do They Make Sense?

Here’s what you should do with your bank accounts that are lying idle.

6 shopping habits you need to stop today

6 Shopping Habits You Need To Stop Today

Here are 6 shopping habits you need to avoid.

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automate tax saving

Automate Tax Saving and Management Efficiently Using Scripbox

Scripbox suggests you ways to save tax by automating your tax saving and management along with making it easier to file your taxes.

indian wedding

12 Ways To Conduct An Elegant Wedding Without The High Costs

Having a wedding worth remembering needn’t be an expensive affair. Here are a few smart tips for your dream wedding that does not break the bank.

what factors determine your income social

Have You Thought About These 4 Factors That Affect Your Household Income?

We talk about 4 factors that affect your annual household income and some tidbits to increase your income.