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5 Financial Checks You Must Do On Your 30th Birthday

Wealth creation is a time taking process and the earlier you start the bigger your prospective corpus, thanks to compounding. Regularly saving and channeling them into the right instruments makes sure that you will have a comfortable retirement.

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Does Getting An MBA Make Financial Sense? – An Answer For The Working Professional

An MBA is just like a long term financial investment, and at Scripbox we believe that investments should follow your goals. Make sure your MBA decision does too.

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The Surprising Truth Behind Fixed Deposit Returns

While FDs might be considered safe, the returns they provide are not tax efficient. Considering inflation over the long run hovers around 8-8.5%, you actually lost money in real terms.

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Scripbox Presents “How To Create Wealth” Series – Part 2

Do you want to grow your wealth or preserve it? What are your options?

best way to invest 5lakhs in india

Where To Invest Rs 5 lakhs To Reach Rs 1 Cr?

Can I achieve my target with financial planning?

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Money Lessons I Should Have Known When I Was 22

20’s are an exciting time, to take risks and to find your calling. But you must be mindful of how you manage your money whilst taking the risks. This personal experience of a 30-something professional will help you avoid some common money mistakes.

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Customer Questions: Is Age 35-40 Too Late To Start Investing For Retirement?

In your case, you want to save and grow more in a small amount of time. This means you don’t have a choice but to take more risks.

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Tired Of Low Interest Rates On Your Bank Account? Here Is A Surprise Solution

What if there was a way to get better returns, and have almost the same ease of withdrawal that banks provide? Use mutual funds as substitute to your savings bank account.