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millionaire in rupees

How To Become A Millionaire By 30

Become a millionaire with a simple easy-to-follow plan.

5 things in an hour

5 things you can do in an hour that impact how you grow your money

Getting smarter with your money need not take a lot of time. Here are 5 things you can do that take less than hour, but can impact how your money grows.

choosing a school

Ask these smart questions before deciding your child’s school.

I see school decisions being guided more by social status rather than earning status. Let’s just pause for a moment and introspect. Ask yourself these questions.

education loan repayment

How To Repay Education Loan, Here Are 6 Ways

Other than the most obvious step – saving on expenses, there are a few excellent ways to avoid unnecessary outflows when repaying your student loan.

diwali gift for your teenage kids

This Could Be The Best Ever Diwali Gift for Your Teenage Kids.

Here’s how you can gift prosperity to your children.

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financial promises

4 Financial Promises You Should Make to Yourself This Diwali

Diwali, or the most marketed Indian festival, ever, is a time of great offers, lots of spam mails giving you amazingly creative reasons to spend, and advertisements that always begin with either “this Diwali” or this “festive season”.

2 financial habits

2 Financial Habits All 20 Some things Must Have Or Build

The key is to save smartly and spend wisely in your 20s.

what spirituality

What Spirituality Can Teach You About Money (And Why It Matters)

Most spiritual thought leaders clearly seem to respect the importance of prosperity and financial security for your family. It is clear that financial security is important to achieve your personal and social goals in life. No matter what religion we...