Financial Planning

health care post retirement

How to provide for health expenses after retirement?

From health insurance to creating a health expenses fund, learn how you can manage healthcare expenses post-retirement.

stretch your retirement income

How to stretch your retirement income?

Learn how you can make the most of your accumulated retirement corpus and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

tied down by leverage

Are you tied down by leverage?

Are your loans, big and small tying you down and compromising your goals?

3 ways retirement income

Three ways to generate regular income at retirement

How to convert your retirement savings into actually useable cashflows? Here are three ways how.

repay home loan or invest

Repay your home loan or invest instead?

Does repaying your loan earlier always make sense? Or should you instead invest? Let’s find out.

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EDLI Scheme

Employee’s Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme or EDLI – What you should know

Did you know that your EPF account comes with a built-in life insurance cover?

porting health insurance policy

How to port your health insurance policy?

Learn what you need to keep in mind when porting your health insurance policy.

doctors need a wealth plan

Doctors too, need a wealth plan

Doctors face a unique work-life and thus, unique challenges. This calls for a different approach to wealth planning for them.