Financial Planning

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Should high inflation make you take a relook at your retirement goal?

If retirement is on your list of financial goals to achieve, should the current high inflation trend lead to a change in plans?

saving for retirement

Should you get multiple health insurance policies or a single policy with a significant cover?

Let’s find out if it makes sense for you and your family to hold a single health policy or multiple ones to ensure adequate health coverage.

risk adjusted returns

Do you factor in inflation when assessing your insurance needs?

Wondering what inflation has to do with insurance? Well, quite a lot! Learn why it matters when planning for your insurance needs.

course correction in fin planning

When to resort to a course correction in financial planning?

When exactly does the need for course correction in financial planning arise in an investor’s journey? Let’s find out.

insurance claim

Making term insurance policy claims smooth for your family in your absence

Create an email that includes all that your family needs to know to make an insurance claim and make this otherwise stressful task simpler

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Is the money you get from an insurance payout taxable?

Is an insurance payout taxable all the time or is it only in certain cases? Let’s explore the reality of the situation.

corporate life cover

Do you need to supplement your corporate term life cover with an individual policy?

If you have a corporate life cover, it still makes sense to get one for yourself separately. Let’s understand why.

retirement corpus

How long should my retirement corpus last me?

Here’s what you need to understand to decide how long your retirement corpus should last you.