Financial Planning

how to decide your SIP

How to decide your SIP amount

Here’s how to figure out what should be your SIP amount whether you have a defined goal or if you just want to create wealth.

insurance for family

The three kinds of insurance covers you need

Insurance comes in many shapes and sizes, but here are the three major ones that should be part of everyone’s insurance portfolio

How to resolve family finances after a loved one passes away?

The death of a parent or an earning member in the family does bring with it complex financial tasks. Use this checklist to make the tasks easier.

Three reasons to have a Will

If you are still unsure about getting that Will in place, here are some reasons that may convince you.

Six signs that you are ready to retire early

Here are six signs that tell you that you may be ready to hang up your boots if you wanted.

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Your financial plan is not just about investing

Your financial plan depends not just on investing, but also on your current financial state and the life stage you are in.

Rental property as part of soldier’s retirement portfolio – An assessment

Buying multiple properties as a way to supplement retirement income has been a popular approach for many retired defence services personnel. But is it worth the time and effort? Let’s find out.

Are you a longtime NRI returning to India for good? Get a grip on the RNOR status

There are many tax benefits that one enjoys as a NRI. Will settling in India be a cause of worry for the returning NRIs by adding to their tax burden?