Family And Money

mutual fund for child

Can children invest in Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds offer the most flexible and convenient form of investment for wealth creation, but can children also invest?

helping your father

Money talks with your first financial advisor – your Father

In your early years, he had given you the first money lessons whether it is about living within one’s means or planning for the future.

retirement or childs education

Child’s education at the expense of your retirement?

Wouldn’t it be better, instead, to plan for this goal alongside future requirements like retirement and owning a home? You can plan for more than one goal at the same time.

indian family well off

How you can transfer assets through Trusts

It’s when family structures involve many sub units or when families are broken by way of divorce or similar complications, that a trust structure brings clarity in asset transference.

rich man reading paper

When does creating a Trust make sense?

Among other reasons is the ability of a trust structure to address the complexities of inter-personal relationships which get mingled with family business equations in an emotion free format, yet within the boundaries of the family’s value system.

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indian couple laughing

Talking money with your better half

Whatever the reason, it is not effective to have poor communication between spouses on household finances. Simple dialogue can help you communicate better.

friend asking for money

Friends and family asking for money? Here’s what you should do.

If you already know how to handle this financial situation, you might be able to deal with the request in a better way.

indian mother and children

Is education affordable today, and will it be years from now?

In India too, the consumer price inflation or the general price rise in the economy is estimated at around 3.5%-4% annually, however, the cost of education rises at a much higher pace.