Family And Money

insurance for family

The three kinds of insurance covers you need

Insurance comes in many shapes and sizes, but here are the three major ones that should be part of everyone’s insurance portfolio

How to resolve family finances after a loved one passes away?

The death of a parent or an earning member in the family does bring with it complex financial tasks. Use this checklist to make the tasks easier.

children education defence

How to plan for your child’s education, as defence services personnel

Your child’s education is something that a lot of your savings and investments will be geared towards. The fact that you can look forward to a pension post-retirement makes the decision-making process a bit simpler.

Giving your teenage child a credit card – absurd or may be not?

Let’s understand the pros and cons of giving a credit card to a teenager. Is it as bad an idea as it seems? We find out.

dividend distribution tax (ddt)

Six financial mistakes to avoid while dealing with your loved ones

Here are some money choices that you should avoid to protect your finances.

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Financially well off and got teenagers? It’s not enough to teach them only about saving

While the previous generation was taught that saving is a must, the next generation who inherits the wealth that has now been created also needs a lesson in money management. Here are two things you can focus on when it comes to passing some money wisdom to the next generation.


Can children invest in Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds offer the most flexible and convenient form of investment for wealth creation, but can children also invest?

Friends and family asking for money? Here’s what you should do.

If you already know how to handle this financial situation, you might be able to deal with the request in a better way.