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అనవసర ఖర్చులతో డబ్బుని వృధాగా ఖర్చు చేస్తున్నారేమో తెలుసుకోవడానికి ఈ నాలుగు విషయాలను పరీక్షించుకోండి

మన ఖర్చులు అదుపులో లేకపోతే ఎంత సంపాదించినా వీధుల పాలు కావాల్సిందే అని చెప్పడానికి చాలా మంది సినిమా తారలు, ఫేమస్ ఆటగాళ్లు, మాఫియా లీడర్లు ఇవాళ ఒక ఉదాహరణగా నిలబడ్డారు.

pay cut

How to handle a Pay Cut?

What to do when you get to keep your job, but in turn your paycheck is slashed?

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Live in a metro city? 4 Realistic money-saving hacks that can help

Here are four ways many of you can save at least Rs 1000 more each month.

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The true cost of an overseas education

International travel is only one of the extras you need to account for while budgeting for your child’s overseas education goal.

childs education goals

Your child’s education goal needs more

Today education happens as much outside schooling hours as it does at school. It is not limited to what is taught in books, overall development involves lot of extra-curriculars as well.

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increase income

Can increasing your income be a financial goal?

The limit is only the reality of our savings and income. The greater the income we have the more or bigger financial goals we can plan and invest for. If that is the case, then can increasing our income be a financial goal?

digital wallets

How to Smartly Use Digital Wallets

Gone are the days when people carried fat wallets stashed with cash and multiple cards. Now many use digital wallets installed on their smart phones to pay grocery and utility bills, movie tickets and more.

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Snowball your way out of credit card debt

What if one happens to run a high debt on a card that also has the highest interest rate? In that case, it will be frustrating to notice multiple credit card loan accounts remaining active – even after years of debt repayment.