Earning and Saving

You need more than just an emergency fund in your 40s. Here’s why.

In your 40s, the usual rules of an emergency fund won’t cover all the bases. What you need is a confidence fund instead.

salary hike

Salary Hike? Here’s how to revamp your financial goals and budgets

A salary hike can be much more than just an excuse to spend more. Find out how to make sure the hike achieves more for your financial goals.

home loan

How do you manage your Home Loan EMI and tenure with rising interest rates?

Here are some ways in which you can manage the increased EMI & tenure burden you may be facing as a home owner with a home loan to pay back.

taxes on mutual funds withdrawal

Why should you consider EPF in your retirement plan?

Learn about the role EPF can play in your retirement planning exercise. Most importantly, know that just EPF won’t be enough!

insurance cum retirement

Should employees seek ESOPs in lieu of a higher salary?

ESOPs benefit employees when a company executes a buyback or launches an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This makes ESOPs a great tool for you to build wealth.

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DIY investor

Top 4 considerations on company equity plans for employees

Here’s what you, as a potential employee, need to keep in mind when choosing between equity plans for employees.

risk adjusted returns

What do employees need to know before opting for ESOP, RSUs, or ESPP?

Confused between ESOP, RSU, or ESPP? Learn the difference and decide what works for you and your wealth, effectively.

financial mistakes

Have trouble articulating your financial goals?

If you have trouble giving substance to your vague financial aims, then fear not! Let’s help you analyse and figure out the what and how of financial goals.