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Should employees seek ESOPs in lieu of a higher salary?

ESOPs benefit employees when a company executes a buyback or launches an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This makes ESOPs a great tool for you to build wealth.

DIY investor

Top 4 considerations on company equity plans for employees

Here’s what you, as a potential employee, need to keep in mind when choosing between equity plans for employees.

risk adjusted returns

What do employees need to know before opting for ESOP, RSUs, or ESPP?

Confused between ESOP, RSU, or ESPP? Learn the difference and decide what works for you and your wealth, effectively.

financial mistakes

Have trouble articulating your financial goals?

If you have trouble giving substance to your vague financial aims, then fear not! Let’s help you analyse and figure out the what and how of financial goals.

history of inflation in India

History of Inflation in India and what to expect going forward

Ever wondered what inflation in India looked like decades back? Here’s a quick primer that tells you all you need to know.

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doctors need a wealth plan

Doctors too, need a wealth plan

Doctors face a unique work-life and thus, unique challenges. This calls for a different approach to wealth planning for them.

covid gig worker impact

2020 is ending but the most important financial lesson shouldn’t

The pandemic could be a once in a century event but the impact is here to stay. This pandemic has brought to the forefront the need to have savings and investments to fall back upon for extended periods.

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అనవసర ఖర్చులతో డబ్బుని వృధాగా ఖర్చు చేస్తున్నారేమో తెలుసుకోవడానికి ఈ నాలుగు విషయాలను పరీక్షించుకోండి

మన ఖర్చులు అదుపులో లేకపోతే ఎంత సంపాదించినా వీధుల పాలు కావాల్సిందే అని చెప్పడానికి చాలా మంది సినిమా తారలు, ఫేమస్ ఆటగాళ్లు, మాఫియా లీడర్లు ఇవాళ ఒక ఉదాహరణగా నిలబడ్డారు.