When you are a child, you have no limits.

You can be an action hero and fly through the sky – even if that’s just in your imagination. And that imagination also fires up your ambitions. You want to be a fearless astronaut, or a graceful ballerina, or an amazing magician, or an equally magical celebrity chef.

You know you can be any of those – and all of them.

Until you learn that you need to get a job to pay the bills. Not the bills for ballet classes but bills for things that you have convinced yourself that you need.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have no limits again?

That’s financial independence. A state of being where bills are not your concern.

A state of being limitless. Again.

(These are my thoughts on Children’s day. I am often struck by the dreams and aspirations of our members – a hang glider has stayed in my head. Many of these share the common theme of breaking away and the freedom to be.)