We understand that the nature of your work leaves you with very little time to manage your personal finances. 

Even with a pension and your DSOP savings, a comfortable retirement will require proper financial and investment planning. This is especially true if you have big life goals such as sending your child abroad for higher education, building a house, etc.

Planning for this requires time and research and getting access to professional help can be challenging especially if you are frequently posted in a field area.

Thankfully today there are sophisticated, intelligent, and automated platforms that can help you invest wisely and grow your wealth efficiently. 

What does automation do for you?

Online automated wealth management providers such as Scripbox.com, help you invest in minutes by enabling an online KYC process. The platform asks you simple questions to understand your needs and recommends the best investment options.

For example, saving for a big goal which is measured in crores requires time, the right set of investments, and the ability to course-correct  – depending on how they perform. Scripbox with its powerful algorithms can help you plan, invest and course-correct towards such a goal right from your phone. 

The annual portfolio scan and review, help you stay invested in the right set of funds. Seamlessly moving from an old set of funds to a new set is a complicated process if it had to be done manually. You’d have to call your broker or distributor, sign multiple forms, exit the old funds and invest in more appropriate ones. This is just a matter of a few taps on your smartphone with apps like Scripbox.

A wide variety of investment options, along with powerful recommendations, annual portfolio scan, all in one place is a boon for your wealth creation journey. Don’t miss out.