I started saving a lot later in life than I should have – almost 8 years later. When I did start saving I turned to mutual funds. It doesn’t matter if you have the IQ of a genius or you are an average Joe like me. Mutual funds are for everyone and can be compared to ‘one size fits all’.

Let me tell you why.

1. It’s easy to get started with.

Mutual funds are probably the easiest investment avenue to get into (the only simpler one being a recurring deposit). As for documents, all you need is your bank account and PAN card details. No need to bother with a Demat account and stuff. With services such as Scripbox, it becomes even simpler with paperless sign-up and the account can be set up in 15 minutes.

2. You can begin with whatever you can manage.

Investing in mutual funds starts at Rs. 1000 a month. Rs. 1000 was a pretty big deal when I started working. Although you can start with Rs. 1000. We recommend you start with Rs.5000 to reach your goal faster. ☺

3. It’s the least you need to read up on.

You can know next to nothing about stock markets and still invest in equity funds. We do the hard work of picking the best funds to meet all your financial needs. Trust me, you won’t need an MBA in finance to figure that out. Just read our blogs.☺

4. You can use them for almost every investing time frame.

Long term investing goals? Sure – equity funds will get the job done. Just want to put away some money for a couple of years? That’s covered too with a debt fund option. From 3 months to 30 years, mutual funds come in types that cover almost all time frames.

5. There is a type for every goal.

Be it a fancy retirement in Ooty in another 30 years or a vacation in Europe in five years, mutual funds can cater to almost every conceivable financial goal.

6. The “smartest” way to create wealth.

Wealth creation is both easy and yet not easy. Direct equity investing is similar to gambling if you don’t have a clue about the subject. Understanding equity investing takes time and effort and not all of us have that luxury.

Why not let an expert who knows what they are doing do equity for us? Equity mutual funds have experienced and skilled finance guys at the helm. So they do the equity investing for you and you simply invest the money.

7. You can get a return better than what your bank gives you.

If you want your money to stay ahead of the monster called inflation and watch it grow then equity is the answer. With a history of 14%-16% returns on average over the decades, equity mutual funds have proven they work – as long as you think long term.

Excited? Why not invest in the best of them with Scripbox? It’s the simplest way to get started.

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