1. The best funds chosen for all your needs

Everyone has 4 kinds of money needs – for daily expenses, short-term plans (travel or big-ticket purchases), long-term goal (retirement or children’s education) and growing wealth by saving on income taxes. You need different funds for these different needs. 

Only Scripbox gives you scientifically selected mutual funds – different funds for different needs – but all of them with a track record of consistent performance. 

2. Your hard earned money is safe with us

When you invest with Scripbox, your savings go into mutual funds in your name. Scripbox keeps a watch on your money but your money is always yours.

Furthermore, when you invest, your money goes directly from your bank account to the respective mutual funds, and directly back to your account when you withdraw.

3. No fees or charges 

Every rupee of your savings gets invested and earns for you. No deductions, fees or charges. We meet our costs from a small commission we earn from the mutual fund companies. 

4. You can withdraw your money anytime

You can withdraw your money any time. We do recommend holding on to your investments for the right duration to get the benefit of investing but there is no lock-in restriction whatsoever.

(Tax saving (ELSS) funds have a government imposed 3-year lock-in)

5. Your information is safe with us

As a financial services company, you give us sensitive information (PAN, email ID, Aadhaar etc.). We take this responsibility very seriously and protect it with bank-grade security. This information will never be sold to any third party.