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#1. 3 Financial Things Every Young Woman Should Do: We were thrilled to see how well this article was received by our women readers. This article tells you simple financial tricks and hacks to ensure that you don’t ignore your dreams and attain financial independence.

#2. 3 Ways You Can Save Tax Beyond 80C: The financially independent reader is often looking to do some smart tax planning, which goes beyond just mutual funds Section 80C. This article shares insights about different avenues, such as making donations, interest on education loan and medical insurance for your family members, to help you reduce your taxable income further.

#3. Your CTC Is Not Your Taxable Income. Surprised?: While you are at it, you may mistake your CTC for your taxable income. This short read sorts through this confusion, and clearly spells out the taxable elements of your salary slip for efficient tax planning.

#4. 5 Steps To Ensure You Are Never Out Of A Job: With each passing year the talk of AI taking over human jobs is on the rise. Here are 5 steps to help you keep up to date with new skills in demand, so that whether you are a full-time employee or a freelancer, you don’t have to live with the fear of losing your job.

#5. 6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Invest: After securing your job and taking care of your tax liabilities, you are now wanting to do more than just save, that is invest. However, your doubts are keeping you from taking that leap. These 6 questions will help you tackle your doubts and invest in the ideal options for yourself.

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