5 things no money

5 Things That Have Nothing To Do With Money But Grow Your Wealth

Growing your money is not always about money. Keep these following tips in mind which don’t have a direct link to money but often grow your wealth.

grocery shopping

How I Ended Up Saving Rs 18,000 a year on Grocery Shopping

Here are some of the strategies that have worked for me to reduce the grocery bill by Rs 1,500 per month. That’s over Rs 18,000 a year- enough to buy a new phone.

women richer lives

Women’s Guide To A Richer 2016

Saving or investing money rarely featured on women’s to-do-list. This year only one of my friend’s resolution status said “earn more, save more and spend more. The order is important. First earn, then save and spend whatever is left.

best mutual funds 2016

The Recommended Portfolio of Mutual Funds For 2016

In-line with our promise of giving you the best mutual funds to invest in every year, Scripbox has released its portfolio of recommended mutual funds to invest in 2016.

4 things taxes blog

4 Things You Must Know About Taxes (If You Want To Pay Less)

Before you can begin to save tax, you should know these 4 basic points about income tax.

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6 tips for using your mobile wallet

6 Tips For Using Your Mobile Wallet

Here are some quick tips you should follow to make sure your mobile payments experience is smooth as well as safe.

performance report card

2015 Report Card: Performance Of Scripbox Recommended Equity Mutual Fund Portfolio

We believe that the equities continue to be the best option among investable assets and we are quite confident entering 2016.

5 things in an hour

5 things you can do in an hour that impact how you grow your money

Getting smarter with your money need not take a lot of time. Here are 5 things you can do that take less than hour, but can impact how your money grows.