diwali gift for your teenage kids

This Could Be The Best Ever Diwali Gift for Your Teenage Kids.

Here’s how you can gift prosperity to your children.

financial promises

4 Financial Promises You Should Make to Yourself This Diwali

Diwali, or the most marketed Indian festival, ever, is a time of great offers, lots of spam mails giving you amazingly creative reasons to spend, and advertisements that always begin with either “this Diwali” or this “festive season”.


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Growing your money is not really a choice if you want to at least maintain your current lifestyles in the years to come.


The SIP way of investing

People often mistakenly believe that they have to collect a large sum to start investing. You don’t. And that’s where a SIP comes in.


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You will have greater ease of payment going forward. This, however, should not translate into increased and unnecessary expenses.

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2 financial habits

2 Financial Habits All 20 Some things Must Have Or Build

The key is to save smartly and spend wisely in your 20s.


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Use your digital wallet to pay for your bus fares.


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85% of youngsters feel that they should be healthy, here’s what you can do to curtail your hospital bills.