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will mutual fund investment drop to zero ever

Will Mutual Fund Investment Drop to Zero Ever?

Will mutual fund investment drop to zero ever? This question is the worst nightmare for any investor. Be it a newbie or a veteran. Be it any investment, the possibility of it losing value is quite normal. Theoretically, investments can...

7 simple ways women can prepare themselves before

7 Simple Ways Women Can Prepare Themselves Before Investing

No one can beat women when it comes to saving. For generations, moms and grandmoms have been experts at saving every penny possible. Be it in the kitchen containers or an FD. These small savings have helped the family during...

real estate mutual funds

Real Estate Mutual Funds

What are Real Estate Mutual Funds? A Real Estate Mutual Fund is a type of Sector Fund that invests primarily in securities issued by corporations that invest in real estate developments. In essence, it is a fund that offers capital...

active mutual funds

Active Mutual Funds

What are Active Mutual Funds? Active mutual funds are a type of mutual funds where the fund manager plays an active role in deciding whether to buy, sell or hold the investments. Active funds employ a variety of strategies in...

target maturity fund

Target Maturity Funds

What are Target Maturity Funds? Target Maturity Funds (TMF) are index-tracking debt funds that invest in bonds. TMFs assist investors in navigating the risks associated with debt funds. These funds align their portfolios with the fund's maturity date. Target mutual...

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what is sip

What is SIP?

SIP (systematic investment plan) is a process of investing a fixed periodic amount in the various mutual fund schemes.

inverse etfs

Inverse ETFs

What Are Inverse ETFs? An inverse ETF is a type of Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that gains from a drop in the value of an underlying benchmark. Similar to leveraged ETFs, inverse ETFs also deal in financial derivatives. Inverse ETFs...

difference between reit and invit

Difference Between REIT and InVIT

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InVITs) were launched in India in 2014. Since these instruments are relatively new to the Indian investing environment, there is much doubt about their effectiveness and benefits. Furthermore, the Securities and...