Lisa Pallavi Barbora

Lisa is a BCom graduate from the University of Notre Dame in Perth, Australia and a finance post-graduate from ICFAI. Over the last 18+ years, she has worked across financial services including wealth management, asset management and finally as a personal finance writer for the past 10 years. Enriching one’s financial life by giving candid insights is what she strives for through her various endeavours in the field of personal finance.

retiring early

Retiring early? Three money matters you must consider

Maybe it’s to travel the world extensively or give back to society in a more meaningful way by investing your time or you may simply want to settle in a sleepy town to go fishing every day. Whatever your reason, if you plan to retire in your 40s you need to be well prepared financially.


Are your FMPs, and Debt Funds, at risk? What should you do?

It is definitely a problem if you don’t get the amount you expected when a financial security with a defined period and pay-out matures.

how much to invest

How much should you invest in equity?

Given that the nuances of equity investing are a lot deeper, it is wiser for you to perhaps focus more on practical aspects of risk, return, and your goals while deciding your equity allocation.

dividend option in mf

Don’t opt for the dividend option in mutual funds

For those who were choosing the dividend option in debt funds and are subject to the 10% or 20% income tax rate, it is now more suitable for them to pick the growth option and pay short term capital gains tax if they redeem before 3 years or long-term capital gains tax with indexation on redeeming after 3 years.

woman worried

Three goal setting mistakes you need to avoid

The start of a new financial year is a time to look forward to salary hikes and, even promotions. This is, actually, a good excuse to review and recharge your financial goals. While planning and goal setting are essential to managing your investments, but they need to be thought through.

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invest in tax

Don’t wait – invest to save tax now!

This year try to get a jump start on this activity. Plan and execute your tax saving investments now.


3 reasons why your wealth needs to be in the right assets

Asset allocation is not something you should leave to chance. When done right, asset allocation will bring your return outcome that much nearer to what you need. Here is why.


To book profits or not to book?

Should the market approaching a peak have a bearing on your equity holding? Whether you are a regular SIP investor or using lump sums as a way to wealth creation via equity mutual funds, you are likely to be tempted to take away some of that profit in fear that the rally could end soon.