Lisa Pallavi Barbora

investing in start-ups

What are the risks of being an investor in start-ups?

Venture investing is an emerging investing approach that many HNIs are seriously looking at. However, if you are considering this approach, have you considered all the risks?


IPO or Pre or Post IPO, which works better?

With multiple IPOs releasing this year, does it make sense to subscribe immediately or wait for a while before investing?

REITs, RE Funds or Direct purchase what makes sense?

REITs, Real Estate Funds or direct purchase? What’s better?

There is now more than one option to invest in Real Estate. Among the options of REITs, RE Funds or directly buying a property, which one makes the most sense for you as an investor?

tied down by leverage

Are you tied down by leverage?

Are your loans, big and small tying you down and compromising your goals?

3 ways retirement income

Three ways to generate regular income at retirement

How to convert your retirement savings into actually useable cashflows? Here are three ways how.

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international equity funds

Are you ready for international equity funds?

Three factors you will need to keep in mind before diving into International Equity funds

repay home loan or invest

Repay your home loan or invest instead?

Does repaying your loan earlier always make sense? Or should you instead invest? Let’s find out.

three things international equity

Three things to keep in mind for international funds

Planning to go for international equity in your portfolio? Keeping these three things in mind can make a lot of difference in the outcomes you will see.