Lisa Pallavi Barbora

Lisa is a BCom graduate from the University of Notre Dame in Perth, Australia and a finance post-graduate from ICFAI. Over the last 18+ years, she has worked across financial services including wealth management, asset management and finally as a personal finance writer for the past 10 years. Enriching one’s financial life by giving candid insights is what she strives for through her various endeavours in the field of personal finance.

floating interest rate bonds

Planning to add bonds to your portfolio? Manage these risks

If you are planning to add listed bonds to your fixed-income portfolio, you ought to be aware of these two risks.

index funds

In the current scenario should you move to Index funds, ETFs or, stick to active?

Is going the index investing way the best approach, especially now in a volatile market environment? Here’s what to keep in mind.

should you switch

Is this the right time to switch from equity to fixed income?

With global equity markets under pressure due to the war in Ukraine, investors like you may be wondering if now’s the time to switch to fixed income. Here are three things to keep in mind before you do that.

single or separate portfolios

Why should changing interest rates matter to you?

Understand how changing interest rates impact your investment portfolio and what if at all, should you do about it.

multiple life insurance policies

Should you invest in PMS as well as Mutual Funds?

For affluent and HNI investors, does it make sense to have exposure to both mutual funds as well as PMS? We find out.

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behavioural biases

Watch out for these three behavioural biases in your money life

Are your behavioural biases helping or hindering your wealth creation efforts? Know the right behaviours you need to have in place.


Don’t miss these three things when investing in corporate bonds

Investing in bonds is not as straightforward as it seems. At the very least, make sure you have accounted for these three things.

debt-equity allocation

An ideal debt-equity allocation, that’s right for all?

Is there a one size fits all approach to deb-equity allocation for your portfolio? We think otherwise and here’s why.