Lisa Pallavi Barbora

What should you be invested in your 40s?

Your 40s come with myriad financial nuances and goals. Here’s how to invest to marry them right.

Three reasons not to delay your investment even if this is a market peak

With the markets at all-time highs, wondering if it is better to sit on cash? We think otherwise and here’s why.

Does your wealth plan need international equity?

Considering there is a performance lag between large-cap fund performance and international fund of funds over the last year, are international funds still worth your while?

Why having joint ownership of financial securities can be useful

All you need to know about why Joint holding of your financial assets should be on your priority list.

Can your retirement portfolio depend only on fixed income returns?

Retirement investing is often linked to fixed income option both before and after retiring. But is it the right approach?

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how to decide your SIP

How to decide your SIP amount

Here’s how to figure out what should be your SIP amount whether you have a defined goal or if you just want to create wealth.

Three reasons to have a Will

If you are still unsure about getting that Will in place, here are some reasons that may convince you.

Budget 2021 equity

Budget 2021 – You can no longer ignore investing in equity

If you were sitting out of the market thinking a big correction will come, you would be feeling a sense of regret. The only way to manage investments in equity assets is to focus on asset allocation.