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lapsed insurance policy

What life goals do corporate bonds align to?

In this article, we try to understand what role can corporate bonds play in helping you achieve your life goals.

risk adjusted returns

How are risk-adjusted returns relevant?

Are risk-adjusted returns relevant while assessing whether you should invest in a particular financial product or not?

thematic funds

Have trouble articulating your financial goals?

If you have trouble giving substance to your vague financial aims, then fear not! Let’s help you analyse and figure out the what and how of financial goals.

Sovereign Gold Bonds

The benefits of owning gold via Sovereign Gold Bonds

Does owning gold via sovereign gold bonds make sense for you as an investor? What are the pros of this approach? Let’s find out.

debt fund swing pricing

What you need to know about Debt Fund Swing Pricing

Let’s understand SEBI’s debt swing pricing framework and how it may help debt fund investors in times of turmoil.

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retirement and loans

Can you plan for retirement, even while repaying a home loan?

Can you plan your retirement, and on your own terms, even with the burden of a loan repayment schedule affecting how much you can save?

festive gold

Are festive gold purchases an investment?

Buying gold is a given during festive times, but is it necessarily an investment or should we see it just like any other high value purchase?

NCD or Debt Fund

Debt funds or NCDs – where should you invest?

Let’s see which fares better, debt funds or NCDs, on the parameters of credit risk, liquidity, and interest rate risk.