Lisa Pallavi Barbora

Lisa is a BCom graduate from the University of Notre Dame in Perth, Australia and a finance post-graduate from ICFAI. Over the last 18+ years, she has worked across financial services including wealth management, asset management and finally as a personal finance writer for the past 10 years. Enriching one’s financial life by giving candid insights is what she strives for through her various endeavours in the field of personal finance.

child future

Will a child insurance plan really ensure your child’s future?

Why is this a mistake? You can thank the high costs attached. What could be the alternatives? Combining mutual fund products with a basic term insurance plan is going to be more remunerative and cost effective. Here is what you need to know.


How can mutual funds help you finance your destination wedding?

Let’s be realistic, if you want a destination wedding, you will have to chip in rather large proportions of the wedding expenditure. A prudent option is to plan in advance.

shiny fund

Should you go for that Shiny new mutual fund?

If the fund is just another diversified equity fund or another short-term income plan or balanced fund, it’s unlikely that the strategy itself will be a differentiator.

can a hybrid fund

Can a hybrid fund replace your individual equity and debt funds?

Should you find the ideal hybrid fund or is it more prudent to do your own asset allocation?

tax or goal

Tax planning or goal setting which comes first?

Align the tax planning such that your financial goals are also achieved.

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too old to invest

Are you too old to invest in equity mutual funds?

Data shows that over periods of 5, 10, or 15 years and longer, returns from equity mutual funds have consistently beaten inflation. This is important for long term wealth creation. However, in the short term, returns from equity can be...

sip or lumpsum

SIP or Lumpsum – what works better?

SIP and lump sum investing are both worthy ways to set up your investment account. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

No Image

Should you invest in a focused equity mutual fund?

A focused fund in structure is similar to a diversified multi-cap fund with one very important distinction – the portfolio is more concentrated than a regular diversified equity fund. But does this mean better performance?