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US Chemicals Sector

The US chemical industry is one of the largest chemical producers in the world and accounts for almost 15% of global chemical production. Also, even within the country, the chemical industry accounts for almost 25% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Hence this industry is one of the most important industries to the US economy.

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Almost all the goods used daily come from the chemical sector. Be it toothpaste, baking soda, cosmetics, gasoline, medicines, or fertilisers, all are derived using chemicals. Also, the US chemical industry comprises five components – basic, agricultural, speciality, pharmaceutical, and consumer products.

The chemical industry in the US has been facing a slump in the last few years due to unfavourable weather conditions, trade tensions, and the pandemic. However, in the current year, the industry is expected to rebound on the back of growing demand and rising prices.

Despite the rebound, the industry is still vulnerable to risks. The increasing capital expenditure by leading players and their willingness to invest in sustainability and technology will be key to the industry’s growth.

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​​The following stocks are the most popular chemical stocks in the USA, sorted based on their market capitalisation.

  • Air Products & Chemicals
  • Dow Chemical Company
  • Eastman Chemical
  • Huntsman Corporation
  • H.B. Fuller
Best US Chemical Company Stocks

Air Products & Chemicals

Incorporated in 1940, Air Products and Chemicals has the business of selling chemicals and gases for industrial uses. The company builds and operates the world’s largest industrial gas projects that convert natural resources into syngas for producing chemicals and fuels. It is also a leading supplier of liquified natural gas process technology.

Air Products and Chemicals’ product portfolio comprises atmospheric industrial gases (oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen), speciality gases and chemical intermediaries. Also, its products are useful in various industries, including metals, electronics, refining, and manufacturing.

Mr Seifi Ghasemi is the company’s President, Chairman, and chief executive officer (CEO),. Before joining Air Products, he headed the boards of several other companies, including Rockwood Holdings and GKN Sinter Metals.

The shares of Air Products trade on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker ‘APD’.

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Dow Chemical Company

Dow Chemicals Company is one of the leading suppliers of chemicals, agricultural products, plastics, and synthetics. Also, it has operations in over 150 countries and has a vast product portfolio. Furthermore, its products include additives, adhesives, amines, plastic additives, and speciality polymers.

The company’s products are used in several industries, including agriculture, beauty and personal care, electronics, healthcare, packaging, and textiles. Mr Jim Fitterling, the Chairman and CEO of the company, was a part of the company all his life. His 37 years of experience with the company makes him best suited for the job.

The shares of Dow Chemical Company trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker ‘DOW’.

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Eastman Chemical

Eastman Chemical is an American company that specialises in manufacturing speciality chemicals that is very useful on a daily basis. It operates in over 100 countries and manufactures a wide range of speciality chemicals such as additives, advanced chemicals, chemical intermediaries, and fibres. Also, the company’s products find use in transportation, construction, healthcare and wellness, durable goods, and electronics industries.

The company’s major brands are Safelex PVB, Eastman Tritan copolyester, and Eastman Naia cellulosic fibre. Mr Mark J. Costa has been the CEO and Chairman of the company since 2014. However, he joined the company back in 2006 and served in various leadership roles in the company.

The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and its shares trade under the ticker ‘EMN’.

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Huntsman Corporation

Huntsman Corporation is an American multinational company that is engaged in the business of manufacturing chemical products. The company has four business divisions – polyurethanes, advanced materials, performance products, and textile effects.

Under each of these segments, the company has in-depth expertise and has a leading position in the markets they serve. It has over 70 manufacturing facilities and serves customers worldwide with its wide portfolio of products. Huntsman Corporation’s products are used in many industries, including energy, automotive, electronics, construction, textiles, furniture, and footwear.

The company is headed by Mr Peter R. Huntsman, its CEO, President, and Chairman. The shares of Huntsman Corporation were first listed on New York Stock Exchange in 2005 under the ticker ‘HUN’.

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H.B. Fuller

H.B. Fuller, a company that was incorporated over a century ago, is a leading global speciality chemicals company. Its products include adhesives, sealants, and other speciality chemicals. The company’s brands include Advantra, CilBond, Clarity, and Eterna Bond Tapes. Several industries use the company’s products, including electronics, clean energy, woodworking, transportation and medical.

H.B. Fuller is committed to continuous innovation and brings together the products and processes to solve their customer’s problems. It has operations in over 65 countries across the world and serves customers all across the globe.

Mr Jim Owens is the CEO and President of the company. He joined the company in 2008. Prior to joining H.B Fuller, he worked with Henkel Corporation for almost 22 years and held multiple managerial positions.

The shares of H.B Fuller trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol ‘FUL’.

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