Will you be able to maintain your lifestyle in retirement?

We'll help you estimate how much you'll need to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, create your personalised retirement plan, help you make the right investments and keep you on track.

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Hint: Don't include EMIs and expenses towards children's education etc. You won't have them in retirement.

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Start thinking about retirement early

Your 9-5 job has an end date

Whether by law or personal choice, your regular salary cheques will stop one day.

Need to maintain relative lifestyle

Just because you have retired, doesn't mean you need to forego things you have gotten used to.

Why depend on anyone else

Your children cannot be your retirement plan. Being financially free means not being dependent on anyone when you do decide to retire.

Plan to live longer

Thanks to medical advances, 50% of Indians will live longer than the age of 78. The longer you live, more will be the need to plan for an income.

How will Scripbox help me save for my retirement?

We will help you put a practical action plan in place to achieve financial freedom.

Set the right financial goal

We help you estimate the amount you’ll need for your goals, taking inflation into consideration. Our blog provides you a jargon-free, deeper understanding of your money and investments.

Personalised retirement planning

Use our advanced tools to estimate your goal, create a personalised financial plan, decide on the right mix of investments, action the plan, and keep it on track.

Make the right investments

Decide on the right mix of investments that are suitable for your goal and for your personal preferences.

Actioning the plan and course correction

Easy online investing for your retirement plan with regularly monitoring of progress so that you stay firm on the chosen path.

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