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Union Mutual Fund

With an AUM of Rs 15,957 crores, Union Mutual Fund offers 25 schemes across different categories including 10 equity, 9 debt, and 3 hybrid mutual funds. Know the UNION MF scheme details, historical returns, compare and invest in Best Union Mutual Funds. Invest in mutual fund schemes that suit your investment objectives, risk level, and fund options.



₹ 15,958 Cr

Total AUM

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Union Mutual Fund Details

Union Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd.
₹ 15,957 Crores
23 March 2011
Incorporation Date
30 December 2009
Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Inc. / Union Bank of India
Mr. Vinay Paharia
Mr. G. Pradeepkumar
Contact Number
Email Id
Union Trustee Company Private Limited (formerly Union KBC Trustee Company Private Limited)
Office Address
Unit No. 503, 5th Floor, Leela Business Park, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (East) Mumbai - 400059

Best Union Mutual Fund Schemes to Invest in 2024

Fund nameAUMNAV3Y Returns
Union Flexi Cap Fund (G)
₹2051.30 Cr₹48.5718.1%
Union Liquid Fund (G)
₹2875.27 Cr₹2339.925.7%
Union ELSS Tax Saver Fund (G)
₹875.87 Cr₹61.1418.9%
Union Overnight Fund (G)
₹176.71 Cr₹1272.415.3%
Union Balanced Advantage Fund (G)
₹1594.75 Cr₹19.1810.1%
Union Dynamic Bond fund (G)
₹112.10 Cr₹21.584.3%
Union Largecap Fund (G)
₹346.87 Cr₹23.1216.2%
Union Value Fund (G)
₹245.74 Cr₹26.8722.2%
Union Midcap Fund (G)
₹1182.65 Cr₹45.2824%
Union Small Cap Fund (G)
₹1408.37 Cr₹46.7723.9%
Union Focused Fund (G)
₹398.80 Cr₹24.6316%
Union Equity Savings Fund (G)
₹124.95 Cr₹15.947.8%
Union Large & Midcap Fund (G)
₹750.39 Cr₹24.6919.9%
Union Arbitrage Fund (G)
₹201.13 Cr₹13.135.5%
Union Money Market Fund (G)
₹186.18 Cr₹1149.87-
Union Medium Duration Fund (G)
₹105.83 Cr₹11.854.6%
Union Retirement Fund (G)
₹126.74 Cr₹14.75-
Union Gilt Fund (G)
₹135.65 Cr₹11.35-
Union Aggressive Hybrid Fund (G)
₹587.95 Cr₹16.8613.7%
Union Multicap Fund (G)
₹917.38 Cr₹15.00-

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Top Union Mutual Fund Managers

Hardick Bora

Fund Manager

Sanjay Bembalkar

Fund Manager

Devesh Thacker

Fund Manager

Parijat Agrawal

Fund Manager

Tarun Singh

Fund Manager

Vinod Malviya

Fund Manager

Gaurav Chopra

Fund Manager

Vishal Thakker

Fund Manager

Anindya Sarkar

Fund Manager

How to Invest in Union Asset Mutual Funds?

One can invest in Union Asset mutual funds with Scripbox. Scripbox is an online platform that enables mutual fund investment at a click of a mouse. Following the below steps will help in investing in mutual funds.

  • Visit Scripbox’s Website and Start the Investment Journey: To start one’s investment journey, one has to visit Scripbox’s website and click on “Let’s get started” on its homepage. It will display a list of investment options as per different life goals. One can choose a financial goal or goals based on their requirements. By doing so will enable them to invest in mutual funds. Click on “Continue” to go ahead with mutual fund investment.
  • Signup and Create an Account: In this step, one has to create an account with Scripbox using their e-mail id. After logging in, one has to enter the investment amount and choose from the list of payment options given. Also, the investor has an option to invest in mutual funds regularly by way of SIP investment. Or they can invest one time through lump sum investment. For SIP investment, they can choose “Every month SIP”, and for lumpsum, they can choose “One-time”. Furthermore, to estimate their potential returns, investors can use Scripbox, mutual fund calculators. For SIP investment, they have the SIP calculator, and on the other hand, for lump sum investment they have the lumpsum calculator. One can see the recommended funds by clicking on the “See recommended funds” button. By doing so, a list of funds will be displayed.
  • Checking/Changing the Plan and Fund Allocation: In this step, one will be able to check the fund they will invest along with the investment amount. We suggest one to check all the details before proceeding ahead. Also, one can always change the investment amount and funds by clicking on “I want to change funds/amount”. Click on “Next” to make payment.
  • Bank Details and Money Transfer: This step involves actual investment. One has to give their bank account details and PAN card details to process their mutual fund investment. Also, Scripbox provides a secure environment for investing. Moreover, the bank details will only be used for investing and crediting redemption proceeds.

KYC Required to Invest in Union Asset Mutual Fund

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It is used to identify a client/investor. According to SEBI regulations, all investors need to be KYC compliant. Only then they can invest in SEBI registered mutual funds. Furthermore, SEBI prescribes all the KYC requirements. A KYC form includes the following details: address, financial status, demographics, occupation and identity.

Also, one can get their KYC done with Scripbox. The following documents are needed by Resident Indians and PIOs residing in India for  the purpose of KYC:

  • KYC Authorisation Letter. (Please write on a while plain sheet of paper that “I authorise Scripbox to do my mutual fund KYC” & sign below it)
  • Address proof (Driving License/Passport/ Aadhar Card (Both Front & Back)/Voter ID Card)
  • Pan Card
  • Photograph
  • Video Selfie: Record a video by facing the camera for 5 seconds

You can upload clear colour scanned copies of your KYC documents during the registration itself. Or,
If you are an existing Scripbox user, you can message on Scripbox’s WhatsApp number +91-8884448026 or email your KYC documents to [email protected]. Other users can send “Hi” on Union Mutual Fund WhatsApp number 9321403687.

How to Download Union Mutual Funds Investment Statement?

The following steps will guide you to download your mutual fund investment statement using the Scripbox App:

  • Firstly, you must open the Scripbox App
  • Secondly, go to the ‘Profile’ tab
  • Thirdly, select the ‘Investment History’ option
  • Fourthly, click on ‘Email Me’. As a result, a downloadable link to your Scripbox Investment History will be sent on email.
  • Lastly, click on the link to download your investment statement in excel format.

The excel statement will have the following details:

  • Orders Tab: You can view all the details regarding your investment in this section. It includes the folio number, investor name, fund name, amounts invested, units allocated, NAV, STT, and purpose.
  • Current Holding Tab: In this section, you can view information on how many funds you are currently invested in. It includes details such as fund name, number of units, the current value of the investment, folio number, and purpose.

Top Union AMC Fund Managers

Fund ManagerNumber of SchemesType of Scheme
Devesh Thacker4Debt
Anindya Sarkar2Debt
Hardick Bora11Equity
Sanjay Bembalkar2Equity
Vinay Paharia11Equity & Debt
Parijat Agrawal6Debt
Tarun Singh1Debt
Vishal Thakker1Equity


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Mr. Devesh Thacker

Mr. Devesh Thacker is a B.Com. and MBA (Finance). In his professional career of more than 20 years, he has worked with several big fund houses like ICICI Bank Limited. He was also the Fund Manager for Fixed Income Funds at Sahara Asset Management Co. Pvt. Ltd. Some other fund houses are Dolat Capital Markets Limited, Orbis Securities (India Bulls) Limited, and ASK Financial Services Limited.

Mr. Anindya Sarkar

Mr. Anindya Sarkar is a B.E.-Civil, MBA (Finance), MBA (Risk & Insurance), and FRM. He has an overall experience of over 17 years in the financial services sector. In his earlier assignments, he was associated with Union Asset Management Company Private Limited as Vice President – Risk Management. He was also associated with ICAP India Pvt. Ltd as Dealer – Fixed Income and Sarcon Blockbuild Ltd. Mr. Sarkar was working in various capacities at Navigators Inc. and School of Risk Management and Actuarial Science, St. John’s University.

Mr. Hardick Bora

Mr. Hardick Bora is a CFA® charter holder with the CFA Institute, USA. His experience in the financial services sector is over 12 years. In his earlier assignments, he was associated with Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd., and Dolat Capital Markets Pvt. Ltd. He has also worked at Khandwala Securities Ltd., Yen Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd., and 3 Global Services Pvt. Ltd. in various capacities.

Mr. Sanjay Bembalkar

Mr. Bembalkar is a CFA® charter holder with the CFA Institute, USA, and a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). He has also done M.Sc. (Accounting and Finance) from the London School of Economics. In his professional career of more than 14 years, he has worked with Canara Robeco Asset Management Company Limited as Fund Manager –Equities and Research Analyst. Further, he has also worked with LIC Mutual Fund Asset Management Limited and Quantum Advisors Private Limited in various capacities.

Mr. Vinay Paharia

Mr. Vinay Paharia is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Union Asset Management Company Private Limited. He is a B.Com and M.M.S. In his professional career of more than 18 years, he has worked with Invesco Asset Management (India) Private Limited as Fund Manager – Equity. Further, he has also worked with DBS Cholamandalam AMC, K. R.  Choksey Shares and Securities Pvt Ltd., and First Global Stockbroking Pvt. Ltd. as an Equity Research Analyst.

Mr. Parijat Agrawal

Mr. Parijat Agrawal is the Head – Fixed Income of Union Asset Management Company Private Limited. He is a B.E. (Electronics & Communications), PGDM from IIM Bangalore. His professional career spans over 24 years. During which he worked with SBI Mutual Fund as Head – Fixed Income, State Bank of Mauritius Limited with responsibilities of managing the entire Treasury functions of the Bank. He was also associated with SUN F&C Asset Management as Fund Manager managing Fixed Income and Hybrid Funds.

Mr. Tarun Singh

Mr. Tarun Singh is the Dealer- Fixed Income at Union Asset Management Company Private Limited. He is a B.Sc. with a professional career of more than 25 years. In his earlier roles, he has worked with SBI Funds Management Pvt. Ltd. as Fixed Income – Dealer, Prebon Yamane India Ltd., and Enron India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Vishal Thakker

Mr. Vishal Thakker is the Dealer- Equity of Union Asset Management Company Private Limited. He is a Master of Finance Management with more than 10 years of experience. During which he has worked with Elara Capital as Sales Trader and with Emkay Shares & Stock Broking as a Dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Union Mutual Fund good?

Union Mutual Fund follows a well-defined investment and risk management process. Their fund managers conduct extensive research for portfolio construction. The asset allocation of schemes is strategically designed to maximize returns and minimize risks. The Fund is sponsored by Union Bank of India. It has a wide presence in over 4300 branches and offers 12+ funds.

Which is the best Union mutual fund?

Union Mutual Fund has 12+ funds catering to a wide variety of investor needs. Therefore, you must evaluate all components of the fund including market risk to select a suitable fund. The fund should align with your financial goals and match your investment objectives.

How can I start SIP in Union Mutual Fund Online?

You can easily start SIP in Union Mutual Fund online through Scripbox. Simply, access your investment account through the Scripbox app and start your SIP. You can also invest in the fund through AMC’s website. Alternatively, you can also create an account on any platform offering mutual funds to invest in Union mutual funds.

How to stop SIP in Union Mutual Fund online?

You can stop SIP in Union Mutual Fund online by visiting the Union mutual fund website. You must log in with a folio number to access your investment details. If you have initiated the investment through any online portal, you can visit it. After logging in to your account you can select to stop the SIP.

How to withdraw Union Mutual Fund investment?

You can visit the nearest Union Mutual Fund office to withdraw money. You must fill and submit a form for withdrawal from the scheme. Alternatively, you can redeem your investment online by visiting the Union Mutual Fund website. It can also be done through the online portal from where you invested first.

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