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Kotak Mutual Fund is launching a new thematic fund, Kotak Quant Fund, that follows a factor-based approach compiled through quantitative analysis for choosing securities. The New Fund Offer (NFO) period for the Kotak Quant Fund is from 12th July 2023 to 26th July 2023. The scheme re-opens for continuous repurchase and sale from 9th August 2023.

Investment Objective: The scheme shall seek to generate long term capital appreciation by investing predominantly in equity and equity related securities selected based on quant model theme. However, there is no assurance that the objective of the scheme will be achieved.

Kotak Quant Fund

Fund NameKotak Quant Fund
NFO Opening Date12th July 2023
NFO Closing Date26th July 2023
Re-open Date9th August 2023
Type of FundThematic Fund
Fund ManagerMr Harish Krishnan (Equity)
Mr Abhishek Bisen (Debt)
Minimum Investment AmountINR 5,000
Minimum Additional Purchase AmountINR 1,00
Exit Load0-0.50%
SuitabilityVery High Risk
BenchmarkNIFTY 200 TRI
Plans and OptionsDirect and Regular PlanGrowth and Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal (IDCW)


  • All additional investment amounts should be multiple of INR 1/-
  • The minimum SIP/SWP/STP for monthly frequency is INR 500/-

Who Can Invest in Kotak Quant Fund NFO?

Kotak Quant Fund is a thematic fund that follows a factor-based approach compiled through quantitative analysis for choosing securities. The fund aims to bring a blend of active and passive strategies. The quant model selects stocks based on: Momentum (for stock selection), Quality (for filtering stocks – removes stocks that do not fit the criteria), Low Volatility (for allocation – high weightage to less volatile stocks and vice-versa), and Risk Management through weighing & rebalance. The quant model portfolio will comprise ~ 35 to 50 stocks.

Investing in a theme makes the portfolio highly volatile. Therefore, investors must be well aware of the associated risks. Investing in a thematic fund requires a minimum investment horizon of 5 years or more.

Fund Manager

Mr Harish Krishnan

Mr Krishnan has over a decade of experience in equity research and fund management. He currently manages large-cap and thematic funds at Kotak Mutual Fund. Before joining KotakAMC, he was managing Kotak’s offshore funds in Dubai and Singapore. He holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree from Government Engineering College, Trichur. Mr. Krishnan also holds a PGDM from IIM, Kozhikode. He is also a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) from the CFA Institute.

Mr Abhishek Bisen

Joined in 2006, Mr. Bisen is responsible for fund management of Debt schemes. Before joining Kotak AMC, he was with Securities Trading Corporation of India Ltd. Mr. Bisen holds a BA (Management) and MBA (Finance) degree. He was awarded Highly Commended Investors in Indian Rupees Bonds from the Asset magazine Hong Kong, twice. 

Asset Allocation

Types of InstrumentsMinimum Allocation Maximum Allocation Risk Profile
Equity and equity related instruments based on quant model theme80%100%Very High
Equity and Equity Related Securities of companies other than quant model theme0%20%Very High
Overseas Mutual Funds schemes / ETFs / Foreign Securities0%20%Very High
Debt & Money market instruments0%20%Low to Moderate
Units of REITs and InvITs0%10%Very High

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Invest in the Kotak Quant Fund?

You can invest in the Kotak Quant Fund through any of the following methods:
Offline: By filling out the Kotak NFO application and submitting it along with all documents and cheques to the nearest Investor Service Centre of CAMS or Kotak mutual fund office.
Kotak Mutual Fund Website
Online FinTech platforms and mutual fund platforms
Through Demat account
Through a mutual fund distributor or agent

Is Kotak Quant Fund risky?

Yes, it is a very high-risk investment based on the riskometer. Kotak Quant Fund is a theme-based fund that follows a factor-based approach compiled through quantitative analysis for choosing securities. Investing in a theme makes the portfolio highly volatile.

Is there a lock-in period for Kotak Quant Fund?

No, the Kotak Quant Fund has no lock-in period.

When will the scheme open for ongoing subscriptions, switches and redemptions?

The Kotak Quant Fund scheme re-opens for ongoing subscriptions, switches and redemptions from 9th August 2023.

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