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weekly sip

SIP Quarterly Vs Monthly Vs Weekly,

We’re sure you know what a systematic investment plan or an SIP is by now. There has been a lot of talk about SIPs in the world of mutual fund investments. They have been heralded as the best way to...

perpetual sip

What is Perpetual SIP?

Investors who also prefer investing in mutual funds for the long term usually opt for a systematic approach for their investments through the SIP route. A systematic Investment Plan (SIP) also helps investors invest in mutual funds via electronic transactions...

bond vs credit funds

Difference Between Bond & Credit Funds

A bond is a debt instrument issued by the government or by corporations for a fixed tenure. The aim motive behind issuing a bond is to raise money. The bond issuer promises to pay the investor money at regular intervals....

difference between bonds and bond funds

Difference Between Bonds and Bond Funds

Bond and bond funds are debt schemes. Bonds are debt instruments that earn fixed income, i.e., generate stable returns for the investors. The investor buys bonds from the bond issuer for a predetermined duration. The bond issuer promises to pay...

equity vs debt vs hybrid mutual funds

Equity vs Debt vs Hybrid Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a pool of money collected from several investors for a common investment goal. They are broadly also categorised as equity funds, debt funds and hybrid funds. Each type of mutual fund has a different investment objective and...

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long term capital gain on mutual fund

Long Term Capital Gain Tax on Mutual Funds

LTCG on Mutual Funds Mutual funds are considered capital assets for the purpose of taxation under the Income Tax Act, 1961. Due to this recognition, the sale of any units of mutual funds is subject to capital gains. So now...

short term capital gain on mutual funds

Short Term Capital Gain Tax on Mutual Funds

Short Term Capital Gain on Mutual Funds Short term capital gain tax arises on a sale of a capital asset by the taxpayer. Mutual funds fall under the definition of a capital asset for the purpose of taxation in India....

best bond funds in india

Best Bond Funds in India

What are Bond Funds? Bond funds are a type of debt mutual fund that invests solely in bonds. These funds pool money from investors and invest in one form of bond (for example, government bonds) or a mix of bonds...