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liquid assets

Liquid Assets

What is Liquidity? In simple words, liquidity of any investment or asset refers to the ability or ease with which it can be converted into cash. Moreover, cash is the most liquid asset that an individual can hold. Simply put...

market maker

Market Maker

The importance of a market maker in the stock market cannot be understated. Participants in an exchange rely upon them for liquidity. Market Makers may be a firm or individual providing the vital service of infusing liquidity in the market....

average maturity

Average Maturity

Debt mutual funds are investment schemes which invest in debt securities that generate a fixed income. They have a predetermined date and pay fixed interest over the tenure of their existence. Hence the returns from debt funds are more predictable...

Debt Meaning

What is Debt?

Debt Meaning The definition of debt is 'an obligation that requires the debtor to pay the money to their creditor.' Debt is nothing but the amount of money one borrows. In other words, it is the money one spends that...

emerging market funds

Emerging Market Funds

What is an Emerging Market Fund? An emerging market means a country which is rapidly growing in size and scale and is expected to become a developed country soon. The top index provider of the world MSCI has classified 25...

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passive mutual funds

Passive Mutual Funds

With the shift towards passive funds, many mutual fund houses are launching several passive mutual funds. They require no management costs or frequent portfolio churns and are often less expensive than active investments. As a result, long-term investors can use...

expected value

Expected Value

What is Expected Value? Expected Value (EV) is a forecasted value of an investment. It is calculated by multiplying the possible outcomes by the probability of their occurrence and then adding all those values. EV is the long-run average of...

instruments in money market

Money Market Instruments

The money market is referred to as dealing in debt instruments with less than a year to maturity bearing fixed income. In this article, we will cover the meaning of money market instruments along with its types and objectives. Table...