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secondary market

Secondary Market

A company can raise money by issuing shares, bonds, debentures, and many more financial instruments in the capital market. The primary market is where these securities are created for the first time while the secondary markets deal with already-issued stocks....

factor investing

Factor Investing

Mutual funds have become an ideal form of investment where investors need not worry about selecting stocks or assets to maximise wealth. Investors have to simply select a mutual fund scheme and invest in it. However, there are certain costs...

commodity mutual funds

Commodity Mutual Funds

What is a Commodity Mutual Fund? A commodity mutual fund is a fund that invests in commodities, which are agricultural products or raw materials. A commodity is any goods ranging from precious metals to stones, petroleum and oil products to...

alpha and beta in mutual funds

Alpha and Beta in Mutual Funds

Risk and return are two sides of the same coin. For any investment, risk and return co-exist. Unless you take the risk, you cannot expect high returns. However, the high risk doesn't always guarantee high returns. The probability of losing...

benchmark in mutual fund

Benchmark in Mutual Fund

What is Benchmark? A benchmark is a point of reference against which you can measure the performance of a security, mutual fund or investment. The benchmark comprises an unmanaged group of securities. These groups of securities become a benchmark for...

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mutual funds factsheet

Mutual Funds Factsheet

While investing in a mutual fund, investors may have numerous questions in their minds, and a mutual fund factsheet can answer many of them. A mutual fund factsheet is a comprehensive picture of the fund. What is a Mutual Fund...

dividend etf

Dividend ETF

What is Dividend ETF? A dividend ETF is a type of Exchange Traded Fund that invests in a group of stocks with the potential to offer high dividends. These are passively managed funds that track a particular index. However, the...

private equity fund

Private Equity Fund

What is a Private Equity Fund? A private equity fund is a shared or collective investment scheme that invests across equity and debt instruments. Investors of PE funds directly invest in private companies. It is an alternative investment option for...