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What are the withdrawal charges? Are there any taxes to pay?

Scripbox does not have any withdrawal charges. However, at the time of withdrawal, depending on whether your investments are classified as short-term or long-term, you may incur exit loads (to the mutual fund company) or capital gains taxes.

Exit loads

Type of InvestmentExit Load
Equity1% of sale proceeds if sold within 1 year of purchase
DebtUsually none. 
Tax SavingNot applicable as these equity investments cannot be sold before the 3 year lock-in period, thereby exceeding 1 year.

Capital Gains taxes

Type of Investment
Holding Period to be
classified "Long Term"
Tax on Long-Term
Capital Gains
Tax on Short-Term
Capital Gains
Equity1 year from purchase10% capital gains tax on gains over Rs.1 Lakh.15% flat tax on the gain amount after exit load deduction + cess
Debt3 years from purchase20% tax after “indexation”: a process by which you can adjust your purchase cost upwards based on inflation
Tax based on your income tax bracket (10% or 20% or 30% + cess)
Tax Saving3 year lock-in for these equity funds to be eligible for section 80C income tax deduction
10% capital gains tax on gains over Rs.1 Lakh.
Not applicable as these investments cannot be sold before the 3 year lock-in period

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