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indian mother and children

How to achieve the financial goal of children’s education alongside retirement goals?

Learn how to plan for the complexity of dual goals of your retirement and your children’s higher education.

How to plan for both your children’s college education fund in India? – A case study.

Here we are with another case study. This one’s for Rohan (44) and Shriya (37), who want to send both their children to premier Indian institutions. Let’s take a look at the plan.

Can you give both your children a US college education? Let’s find out what it will take!

We’re back with another case study and this time we’ve planned for Sriram (42) and Sanjana (38), who want to send both their children to colleges in the US. Take a look!

How to plan for your daughter’s college education fund in India? – A case study.

What would it take for Ajay & Preeti to give Simran a premier college education?

How to plan for a US college education fund for your child- A case study

Can Kabir’s parents afford his graduation from a US University? Let’s find out.

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course correction in fin planning

Financial checks to do on your 40th and 45th birthday

Understand what financial checks you need to do as you hit your 40th or 45th birthday and what these can tell you about your goals.

mutual fund millionaire

I can save Rs 25,000 per month. Can I become a dollar millionaire?

A dollar millionaire is someone who has $ 1 million (USD) of wealth or Rs 7 Cr. With a million, one is assured of a comfortable life, irrespective of where you live.

home loan

What to do when you can’t repay your home loan?

If you are finding it hard to repay EMIs on your home loan, there are a few steps that can help you salvage the situation.