Action Plans

I can save Rs 25,000 per month. Can I become a dollar millionaire?

A dollar millionaire is someone who has $ 1 million (USD) of wealth or Rs 7 Cr. With a million, one is assured of a comfortable life, irrespective of where you live.

When to Surrender your Non-Term Insurance Policy?

First of all, let’s understand the concept of Surrender Value (SV). It’s the money you get from the insurer on giving back the life insurance policy before the due date.


Can you take the 50 before 40 challenge?

108 months, Rs 20,000 to save a month to begin with. Can you reach 50 Lakhs before 40? Here’s a 5-step approach


How to Save Money for your 2020 Dream Vacation

Some prudent financial steps will ensure you unwind without stressing about how you are going to sponsor the trip.

Do You Save Rs. 1000 per month? Here Are 3 Smart Things You Can Do With It.

Rs. 1000 probably looks like a small amount these days. But you know what? It’s exactly the right amount to do something smart about.

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have you started saving for retirement

Have you started saving for retirement?

There are many who believe retirement is a distant reality, planning for which can be pushed to much later. What this usually means is that in your 20s you feel you are too young to plan for their retirement, while people in their 40s feel that they are too late! However, once you understand that eventually, you will have to think about retirement, here’s what you can do:

are you covered blog

Are you covered?

Do you need life insurance cover? Well, the answer depends on you. The benefits of insuring your life will be availed by your loved ones who depend on you when you are not there.


Do You Have A Lakh?

Here’s an action plan that will make sure you’re not left hanging if such a situation does come up.