Shivani Chaluvadi

Shivani Chaluvadi is an avid investor in the Indian markets. She is an MBA graduate and through her writing inspires many readers to start their investment journey. Her expertise lies in communicating a complex financial concept in a simplified way. As an entrepreneur, she believes in grabbing every opportunity that comes her way. She brings more than four years of financial markets expertise to the team.

investment funds

Investment Fund Meaning

What are Investment Funds? Investment funds pool money from various investors with similar interests and purchase securities. Fund managers manage these funds. Each investor retains the ownership of the securities that the fund invests in. Investment funds provide a broad...

invest bonus money

Where to Invest Bonus Money?

It is that time of the year when people are all geared up to receive their annual bonus for all the hard work they have put in throughout the year. People generally use lumpsum bonus amount for various purposes such...

common mistakes investors make

Avoid These 5 Biggest Investing Mistakes

Goal-based investing doesn’t only make it easier for investors to invest but also to track the progress of each goal. All their goals can be converted to financial needs and investing becomes simpler. But there are few common goal setting...

how to increase sip amount

How to Increase SIP Amount in 2024 – Strategy

Annual appraisals have begun and most of you’ll have already planned on how to spend that extra bucks from the salary hike. For those who are not keen on spending that amount, must’ve planned on investing it. The investing clan...

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