Sannihitha Ponaka

Sannihitha Ponaka is an MBA graduate from Symbiosis and has more than 5 years of experience in the financial sector. Following her dreams in the field of finance, she leverages writing to communicate the importance of investing. Your go-to guide to creating amazing and easily understood investment content. Her forte lies in investment advisory and strategy with expertise in fundamental analysis and research.

sovereign gold bonds

Sovereign Gold Bonds

Gold is an asset that holds emotional and social value in India. It is the most coveted asset that is also considered an auspicious investment. But holding physical gold comes with its own set of risks and costs. Hence, the...

blue chip

Blue Chip Stocks

What are Blue Chip Stocks? Blue Chip Stocks are shares of Blue chip companies that are well established and mature companies. These companies have made their mark in their industry or sector. People often consider them as pillars of the...

difference between money market vs capital market

Money Market vs Capital Market

The money market and capital market are two major components of the Indian financial system. The money market caters to short term liquidity needs, while the capital market provides a platform for long term investing. The instruments of the money...

short term investment

Short Term Investment – Meaning and Types

Short term investment options can be easily converted into cash. The tenure for these investments ranges from one day to 5 years. These investments are of high quality and are highly liquid. They best suit investors with low understanding of...

investment risks

8 Ways to Reduce Mutual Fund Investment Risk

Risk and reward are two sides of the same coin when it comes to investing. The usual mindset it that to earn higher returns, one needs to take high risk. However, unfortunately, the vice versa doesn’t hold – taking a...

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sector funds

Should You Invest in Sector Mutual Funds?

Sector mutual funds invest all their assets in a specific sector. They have the potential to give higher than benchmark returns. However, they are vulnerable to losses as well. They best suit investors with a good understanding of risk. The...


Dividend Income: Meaning, Types and Taxation

Dividend is the amount distributed to shareholders of a company. Companies use it as a mode to distribute the company's profits to its shareholders. Mature companies with consistent earnings over the past few years pay dividends to their shareholders. Also,...

difference between investment and savings

Difference Between Investment and Savings

Saving and investing should begin right from the time one starts earning. Many confuse savings with investing. However, both are very different. When one saves money, they set aside some amount for emergencies or future use. They do not earn...