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What is the difference between a broker and a trading platform?

The broker is a person who facilitates the deal between the buyer and the seller in order to confirm the trade against commission, on the other hand the trading platform is the tool through which this kind of transactions between buyers and sellers is processed.

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Is online trading safe?

Nothing in the world in marked 100% safe but when it comes to online trading, both traders and brokerage firms are taking the highest security precautions to protect the online transactions, risks with online trading is reduced to the minimal levels which makes it safe.

How does a trading platform work?

Trading platform is an intermediary tool in the form of system or software through which sellers and traders can place their trades to be executed through intermediary brokers, many software’s are dedicated for specific type of trade like stocks and crypto currencies

Why do day traders fail?

Trading should be a successful process and there is no valid reasons from traders to fail except the lack of experience which cause them to miss important things that must be considered. proper analysis before trading for the gains and loses is quiet important in order to set a clear trading strategy followed by a successful exit plan in case of loses.

Is trading better than investing?

Both of them are methods for gaining financial profits, the difference in the way of implementation as trading is much shorter in terms of duration and seeks gaining profit from the changes in market prices while investment is based on long durations letting the value of investment to grow.