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Should international funds be part of an investor portfolio? Here’s what experts say

This article was first published on Moneycontrol. International funds are mutual fund schemes that primarily invest in stocks of companies located outside India. By investing in international markets, these funds allow investors to benefit from international growth stories, thus boosting portfolio returns. It is a...

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Why are Mutual Funds becoming so Popular?

Seeing too many advertisements promoting Mutual Funds? Well, there’s a reason.. Let’s start off with the context of the Mutual fund industry with some interesting numbers! 100 Lakh Crores The amount in FD’s/Savings accounts 40–45 Lakhs Crores The amount in...

gift amount not taxable in india

Amount received as gift by any blood relative living in US is not taxable in India

This article was first published on livemint. I am a US resident and gifted money to my parents in India. They invested that in mutual funds in their name. Are there any tax implications for me? Any amount received as a...

ppf closed nris now withdraw

PPF closed for NRIs: What to do now & how to withdraw?

Public Provident Fund (PPF) accounts held by Non-Resident Indians (NRI) stand closed according to a recent notification by the Government of India. The closure will come with effect from the day their status changes to Non-Resident. A similar amendment has...

nris continue to invest in ppf

NRIs can continue to invest in PPF

This article was first published on livemint. I had invested ₹10 lakh in Public Provident Fund (PPF) before leaving India. I have heard that PPF is not available anymore for NRIs. How would it impact me? What should I do now...

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cost of delayed investment

The Cost of Delayed Investment

People tend to delay their investment each day to the following day with a mindset that it hardly makes any difference if the investment is delayed by 24 hours. But delayed investment could turn out to expensive. Find out how....

volatile markets

How should investors approach volatile markets in 2020?

In general, fear and uncertainty are at an all-time high. The India VIX or volatility index is at its highest point in a decade. This is a critical phase that is likely to have a huge impact on wealth creation for equity investors. This is why most investors, especially those investing in equity mutual funds would be asking themselves, “what should we do now?”

asset allocation skewed

My asset allocation has become skewed during this market fall. What should I do?

Investors now need to make informed decisions to bring their asset allocation back in alignment to their long term and short-term objectives.