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story of 4 investors

The Story of 4 Investors – Investing in Times of Volatility

The markets have crashed over 1500 points in September 2018 alone after an increase of over 1000 points in July-August 2018. This has been the most volatile period for the market in a very long time. Along with direct equities,...

goal based investing

How Goal-Based Investments Can Boost your Wealth Creation

This article was first published on LiveMint. In today’s world, irrespective of where you might be, you need a way to financially reach your aspirations. Goal-led investing is just the recipe one needs Big Spenders’ is a stereotype that the millennial...


Investing in stocks needs deep understanding of markets

This article was first published on livemint. I am interested to invest in Indian equities. Should I directly buy stocks or opt for mutual funds? Investing in equity markets is rewarding in the long term. Indian equity markets had a phenomenal run in...

rules for first time investors

3 Golden Investing Rules For First Time Jobbers

A huge car, a luxurious home, lavish holidays and a cushy retirement — can you imagine a better life for yourself? All this means you should either have a very large income or a very good plan to meet all these goals,...

scripbox logo

Changing Your Story with the Breakup Fund

That bitter moment has come when you have to accept the truth. Things have changed. The initial bliss of moving in with your boyfriend is now replaced by two strangers silently living a bad decision. Walking away is the only...

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stop sip

My SIP is underperforming for last 3 months. Should I stop SIP?

“Patience is your biggest virtue in investing” SIP investments into equity mutual funds should always be done with a long-term view. A period of 3 months is too small to even judge the performance of a fund, let alone decide...

international fund india

Impact of International Funds as part of Your Portfolio

This article was first published on Moneycontrol. International funds are mutual fund schemes that primarily invest in stocks of companies located outside India. By investing in international markets, these funds allow investors to benefit from international growth stories, thus boosting portfolio returns. It is a...

mutual funds becoming popular

Why are Mutual Funds becoming so Popular?

Seeing too many advertisements promoting Mutual Funds? Well, there’s a reason.. Let’s start off with the context of the Mutual fund industry with some interesting numbers! 100 Lakh Crores The amount in FD’s/Savings accounts 40–45 Lakhs Crores The amount in...